More than 400 seniors have turned out to a rally in Perth to voice their frustration over federal government cuts to concessions.

Pensioners and seniors who face hundreds of dollars a year in cuts to their concessions have voiced their anger at a forum in Perth.

The turnout at Friday’s forum, which was co-hosted by the Council of the Ageing, was so strong that the Town Hall’s 400-person capacity was exceeded and seniors were turned away.

While several Labor politicians attended, co-host Fairfax radio told listeners to the live broadcast that West Australian MLA Tony Simpson was the only Liberal who had agreed to turn up.

WA Senator Chris Back called into the program but was often drowned out by boos from the audience.

On Tuesday, Premier Colin Barnett said the state government would not pick up the tab for the Commonwealth’s $107 million in cuts to WA seniors and pensioner concessions over four years.

The Queensland and Victorian governments have agreed to absorb the cuts to their states.

South Australia and New South Wales will only do so for the first 12 months.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said “every single state” had undertaken to pick up the shortfall.