An internal report into Labor’s defeat at the last federal election says finding and training new candidates for marginal seats early will be crucial.

Labor will be seeking fresh blood to help the party win the next election.

Finding new candidates as early as possible, particularly for marginal seats, is a key recommendation of an internal review into last year’s election loss by federal ALP vice-president, Jane Garrett MP, and Brisbane City Council opposition leader Milton Dick.

“Identifying and selecting candidates and setting them up with a comprehensive field team as soon as possible will be crucial to winning in 2016,” Ms Garrett said in a statement released with the report on Friday.

“No one underestimates the monumental size of this task,” Cr Dick added.

The 550 people who made submissions felt the loss to Prime Minister Tony Abbott after persistent and debilitating leadership instability was one of the most disappointing in the party’s history.

Now they hope to rebuild.

Preference deals with the Australian Greens look unlikely after they take a big swipe at the party and recommend Labor manage preference negotiations with maximising its vote in mind.

“The raison d’etre for the Greens Party over the last decade has been to attack, undermine and/or colonise the Labor Party’s policies with an increasing ferocity,” they say.

The effect of this Greens activity has been that these policy objectives have been undermined, attacked and turned debate that has proved alienating to the mainstream community.

Another of the 30 recommendations says the party must recognise that when it comes to campaigning one size doesn’t fit all.

In particular Western Australia needs campaign staff with a clear understanding of local issues and communities to ensure they run the best local campaigns possible.

They said there had been “unforgivable” and malicious leaking of internal research in recent years and recommend reviewing the methodology used in the research the party conducts.