The Abbott government has offered the Palmer United Party seven extra staff to help it scrutinise proposed new laws.

Billionaire politician Clive Palmer has been offered seven extra staff to deal with his party’s balance-of-power role in the Senate.

Mr Palmer, leader of the Palmer United Party, appealed to the government to give him extra resources to ensure his three senators can properly scrutinise legislation.

The government has confirmed Mr Palmer, who represents the Queensland lower house seat of Fairfax, has been offered seven extra staff.

This is despite PUP falling short of having official party status in parliament, which would automatically entitle it to more resources.

Under the deal, each of the three PUP senators will get six staff instead of four and Mr Palmer will receive a fifth staffer.

When the Senate changes over on July 1, PUP will hold three of the eight cross-bench seats.

The government will need six non-coalition votes to get its legislation passed.

When the Greens had only four senators in 2008 – one short of having party status – they were allocated five extra staff.

The Greens’ extra staff allocation rose to 18 in 2011, but was cut to 14 in November 2013.