A South Korean woman who allegedly defrauded her elderly Australian husband of $3.1 million is clearly a flight risk, a court has heard.

A South Korean woman accused of swindling millions from her elderly Australian husband will remain locked up after a judge deemed her a flight risk.

Kumok Hwang, who is in her mid 50s, was denied bail in Brisbane on Thursday partly because the judge wasn’t satisfied with her proposed living arrangements.

The South Korean is charged with defrauding her senile husband, in his 80s, of $3.1 million between June 2011 and March 2012.

She’s also charged with attempted fraud to the value of $2.3 million.

The couple were married three times in separate ceremonies in South Korea, Australia and the US in 2011.

Hwang has been behind bars since her arrest last July.

Supreme Court Justice Martin Daubney threw out Hwang’s application for bail, saying the South Korean was clearly a flight risk.

Justice Daubney said no information had been given to him about the Brisbane address Hwang planned to live at.

The judge was also concerned that Hwang’s passport was missing, that she held citizenship in two foreign countries and that she had previously failed to show up in court.

“I ain’t letting her out unless there’s some significant evidence of an appropriate address and I am also concerned about the missing passport,” Justice Daubney said.