A faulty solar panel part is being blamed for up to 50 house fires in Queensland, sparking a recall.

A solar panel part linked to up to 50 fires in Queensland is being recalled.

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie issued a recall order on Avanco branded DC isolators after an investigation by the Electrical Safety Office.

He says about 27,000 isolators have been sold in the state and the Queensland government is urgently trying to get the word out.

“No one has been injured and that’s the way we want to keep it,” Mr Bleijie said in a statement.

Also Monday, the Office of Fair Trading Queensland banned the sale or installation of Avanco DC isolators, as well as those made by PVPower.

Master Electricians CEO Malcolm Richards said the parts were mainly being sold by Queensland firms and his association hadn’t been made aware of any fires in other states.

He said the fires were likely caused by DC isolator switches overheating, possibly due to higher temperatures in northern Australia.