A 61-year-old woman is dead despite the efforts of paramedics who could not revive her after she was pulled from a smoke-filled Brisbane house.

A woman has died after being pulled from a smoke filled house in Brisbane.

The 61-year-old was dragged from the single-storey brick home at Inala just before 9am on Tuesday.

Ambulance officers performed CPR but she could not be revived.

Police said a chaplain has been called in to support the woman’s grieving relatives.

“The family is coping like any family would cope in a time like this. Obviously it’s extremely difficult for them,” an officer told reporters.

Police said there was no substance to earlier reports that a young girl had fled from the same property.

Three fire crews were sent to the scene where they found the house enveloped in smoke but the blaze itself was out, a fire service spokesman told AAP.

Investigations are continuing into the cause of the fire.

Police said it was an unusual fire, and the dwelling remained structurally sound.

“When police arrived at the scene there wasn’t a great deal of evidence that there was indeed a fire,” the police officer said.

“It was more of a smouldering fire.”