Brisbane residents have showered gifts for baby Prince George on his parents during a public walk in the city’s South Bank precinct.

Adoring royal watchers have showered flowers, and gifts for Prince George, on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during a public walk in Brisbane.

Under a clear blue sky and in 28C heat, Prince William and his wife Kate are taking their time greeting thousands of well wishers who’ve turned out to mark their fleeting visit to the city.

Crowds up to 20 deep in places have lined a street in Brisbane’s South Bank park precinct for a brush with royalty.

Cheers and shrieks followed the couple as they made their way along the route, stopping to chat to the old, young and everyone in between.

The duchess needed an army of helpers to pass on the gifts handed over security barricades – everything from modest posies of carnations, to stuffed kangaroos, chocolate bunnies, and a soccer ball bearing a map of Australia.

The crowd was a pitching sea of mobile phones, as everyone jostled for a photo with the couple, who then climbed into a car, bound for the airport and a full schedule of events in Sydney on Easter Sunday.

The duchess was generous with her time, raising more raucous cheers and chants of “Kate, Kate, Kate” as she greeted supporters waving Australian flags, sporting toy tiaras and crowns, and plastic versions of the crown jewels.

“I touched her, I touched her,” one lady squealed after begin able to shake Kate’s hand.

The duchess spent a few moments chatting to a young girl of six or seven – all dressed up in a white satin dress, hot pink shoes and a green cast on her broken arm.

There was time too for an older lady dressed in a fuchsia pink top, who was among those who collectively handed over thousands of blooms in every colour.

The walk wrapped up the couple’s fleeting Queensland visit.

Sunday’s events in Sydney include attending an Easter Sunday church service and a visit to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.