A woman has been jailed and two others put on notice over a vicious nightclub assault that left another woman scarred.

A woman has been sentenced to three months’ jail over a shocking nightclub attack that involved a stiletto heel and left another woman’s face scarred.

A group of women used high heel shoes including a stiletto to beat a 23-year-old woman unconscious in an inner city Brisbane nightclub last February.

Twenty-six-year-old My Thuy Nguyen was on Thursday sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, to be released on parole on July 17.

Two other women will be allowed to serve their prison sentences in the community under strict conditions.

The Brisbane District Court heard there had been bad blood between the trio and their victim dating back to high school.

A fight erupted in the early hours of February 10, 2013, when Nguyen, heavily intoxicated, approached the victim at the Magic City nightclub in Fortitude Valley and punched her in the face.

Nguyen’s friend Linda Thi Dang, 23, joined in and began hitting the woman from behind with an unknown blunt object.

Mimi Luong, 19, admitted to joining in and beating the victim over the head four times with her wedge high heel shoe.

She later told police she’d targeted the woman’s head so “it would hurt more”.

The victim’s friends came to her aid and there was an all-in brawl, during which the woman fell to the ground.

Her cheek was slashed with a razor blade and her head and body were beaten with shoes.

Nguyen, who had previously been in trouble with police for a similar high-heel assault in 2010, had to be pulled off the victim by security guards.

Prosecutors said there was no evidence the trio had been the ones who used the razor blades found at the scene, and all denied using a stiletto in the attack.

The victim, now 24, remains scarred and afraid to go out, according to Crown Prosecutor Brendan White.

The trio’s defence barristers all said their clients had been drunk and regretted their actions but Justice Leanne Clare said being drunk was no excuse.

“It was a vicious, cowardly attack,” she said in sentencing, telling the women they were lucky they weren’t facing homicide charges.