Thousands of Queenslanders have logged on to a new interactive website to balance the state budget, and consider asset sales.

More than 3000 Queenslanders have tried to balance Queensland’s budget.

The state government on Sunday launched the online, interactive “People’s budget” as part of its $6 million campaign to consult on asset sales.

The website allows people to choose whether to raise certain taxes, reduce services or sell up to $32 billion worth of assets to clear some state debt.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls says the interest shown is beyond expectations, with 58,700 visiting the site.

So far 3200 have completed submissions.

“I’m very encouraged by the number of Queenslanders who have gone online,” Mr Nicholls told AAP.

“I’d encourage all Queenslanders to join in and have their say.”

The first of 11 public meetings on whether to sell Queensland assets is being held in Brisbane on Tuesday.

People in Mount Gravatt and Chermside had to register their interest to attend, and then attendees were chosen by ballot.

The Queensland Council of Unions president John Battams said the process is a sham, as the sell-off had always been planned.

“They will sell profitable assets to their mates in the corporate sector, who are lining up to buy them because they know that they can be even more profitable when can they charge Queenslanders higher prices,” he said.

The state government is using a slick PR campaign while making sure unions are muzzled in responding publicly, he added.