Brisbane veteran Jonathan Brown says he has no regrets with playing on in his 15th AFL season despite the Lions’ dreadful start.

Regrets, Jonathan Brown has a few.

But the veteran forward does not rue his decision to play on in what looms as a long AFL season for the luckless Brisbane Lions.

Brown, 32, admitted in hindsight better on-field judgement may have avoided him adding to the string of horrific head injuries of the past two years.

However, ahead of game No.250 Brown said he had no problem with his choice to run out in season No.15 despite their horror 2014 start.

“I obviously went through a difficult period with facial and head injuries,” Brown said.

“But I was determined to come back if my body was willing.

“I think it comes down to whether you enjoy your footy.

“I become frustrated sometimes. You can’t move around the field the way you could in the prime of your career.

“But I love competing and passing on my knowledge to the younger fellas.

“I definitely want to help the club in its development phase and hopefully be part of the development of our next premiership team.”

Typically, milestone man Brown did not want Thursday night’s Gabba clash with an equally desperate Richmond (14th, 1-3 record) to be about him.

But if the dead last Lions have their way the warhorse will be a huge influence.

“The last couple of weeks have been a battle,” said Brown, who has kicked seven goals in three games to date.

“The easy excuse is to say he’s old and buggered and gone.

“But I tell you what there are plenty of other key forwards that have been struggling to kick goals in the last few weeks.

“I don’t see the ‘too old’ headlines for 25-year-olds when they are not kicking goals.

“It will never worry me. I can’t find any white flags in my back pocket yet.”

Injuries and suspension have ensured Brown has missed 80 of the 330 games the Lions have played since he made his 2000 debut.

Now it seems Brown wants to make up for lost time despite their dire predicament.

Besides a win-less start, the Lions have been hit hard by injuries to key players Daniel Rich, Matthew Leuenberger and Pearce Hanley.

“I am glad I kept going,” Brown said.

“I am looking forward to the next two or three month period where we show our real character with our backs against the wall.

“We needed luck with injuries to key players and we have had the complete opposite.

“That’s the hand we have been dealt so you don’t crawl into a hole and put the white flag up.”