Cooktown’s water is back on, as electricity and road access is gradually restored in the aftermath of Cyclone Ita.

Cooktown residents have their water supply back as they clean up after Cyclone Ita.

Electricity was cut to the far north Queensland community when Ita crossed the coast as a category four storm on Friday night.

Strict water restrictions were imposed, including fines for anyone caught using a hose.

The situation was so bad, Cook Shire Council was going to cut off water supply to homes until Monday morning.

But utility Ergon connected electricity to the local treatment plant on Sunday night.

“We were able to manually get some water through the plant last night and our reservoir was filled,” Cook Shire Council chief executive Stephen Wilson told AAP.

“Temporary repairs have been done to get it to work, but we don’t know how long that’s going to last.”

Electricity was also connected to the school, hospital and evacuation centre, but the wider community’s power supply is yet to be restored.

Cooktown copped the worst of Ita, with roofs ripped off the West Coast Hotel on the main street and some homes.

The Annan River south of the town was flooded over the weekend but the Mulligan Highway reopened on Monday morning.