The South Australian government is to oppose any plans for a GP tax.

South Australia will oppose any federal government plans to introduce a GP tax at Friday’s meeting of state and federal health ministers in Brisbane.

SA Health Minister Jack Snelling says the state government has grave concerns over the impact of a new fee on the state’s emergency departments and the most vulnerable members of the community.

“There have been many reports about how this new GP tax would work and how much it would cost and I want answers from federal Health Minister Peter Dutton,” Mr Snelling said.

“I will be asking him if this plan will be introduced in next month’s federal budget and what form it will take.”

Mr Snelling said charging people a new fee every time they visited a doctor would deter many from seeking early treatment for what could be a serious condition and send others straight to hospital emergency departments.

He said SA was also opposed to the states being allowed to charge for emergency admissions.

“This is just a knee-jerk reaction to offset a GP tax that should never be introduced in the first place,” the minister said.