Police are searching garbage collected from a neighbourhood where three-year-old Queensland girl Chloe Campbell, feared kidnapped, was reported missing.

A rubbish tip has been scoured and a family home declared a crime scene in the frantic search for a three-year-old Queensland girl, feared kidnapped.

There’s been no sign of Chloe Campbell since she was reported missing from her Childers home, south of Bundaberg, on Thursday morning.

Her parents fear she was specifically targeted and taken through an open window.

Detective Inspector Bruce McNab says the Childers tip is being searched, along with bushland, dams and places near the family’s home.

He says investigators have been tracing garbage collected from the family’s neighbourhood on Thursday morning in a bid to find Chloe.

“We’ve identified the rubbish that was collected on the day and we will be going through that,” Det McNab told reporters on Friday.

The family’s home is being examined for any clues, he said.

Inspector Kevin Guteridge says every lead is being followed.

“What we can’t afford to do is have a closed mind on this,” he said.

Chloe’s distraught mother Tammy told reporters she just wants her little girl back.

“If anyone out there has any information please come forward. Can you please, just please bring her home,” she sobbed.

“Or just drop her somewhere and ring up. She needs to be home with her family and her sisters.”

Chloe’s sister, Codi Piper-Campbell, asked the public for information outside the family home on Friday.

“I love her, please bring her home,” she said.

Her father, Garth, is adamant that his daughter was taken by someone who knew the family.

“They knew she was sleeping in front of the TV,” he told AAP on Thursday.

“I don’t think there’s any possible way she’s wandered off.”

A window was open and Mr Campbell said he saw an adult-sized footprint on the car when he looked outside.

Chloe’s sleeping bag – patterned with wizards and dragons – was gone, along with her stuffed toy-dog named Gnarly.

The case has drawn comparisons in foreign media to that of missing UK girl Madeleine McCann.

Also aged three, Madeleine was abducted from the Portuguese resort of Praia Da Luz in 2007.

A helicopter with infra-red cameras failed to find Chloe on Thursday night.

State Emergency Service volunteers and concerned residents on horseback and motorbikes have been involved in the search effort.