Two men accused of kidnapping and torture have been charged under Queensland’s anti-bikie laws, though neither are linked to illegal motorcycle gangs.

Two men with no known bikie gang links have been charged under Queensland’s anti-association laws.

William Dean, 37, and Scott Murphy, 42, fronted Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with torture, kidnapping and robbery and drug offences.

Police allege the pair kidnapped and tortured a 25-year-old man in bushland near a Gold Coast railway underpass on March 24.

Both men have been charged under Queensland’s anti-bikie laws, introduced last year as part of the state government’s bikie crackdown.

While neither Dean nor Murphy are accused of having links to a bikie gang, the pair and another person, who cannot be identified due to a court order, are accused of committing offences as a group.

The laws apply to any legal organisation or “any other group of three or more persons by whatever name called, whether associated formally or informally and whether the group is legal or illegal”.

If convicted, the men face a mandatory 15 years of additional imprisonment under the controversial laws.

Dean and Murphy have been remanded in custody and will return to court on April 16 to make bail applications.

Police investigations into the alleged crime are continuing.