An extra 700 officers will descend on the far north Queensland city of Cairns when it hosts a meeting of the world’s finance leaders.

Cairns’ police force will more than triple in size when the world’s finance leaders meet in Queensland’s far north in September.

During the G20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting an extra 700 officers will descend on the small city, including bomb and crowd control specialists.

Finance ministers, central bank governors and representatives from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the United Nations will attend.

Including international media and delegates and their families, about 2000 people will be in the city for the event.

Officials say the city won’t be “locked down” but restrictions will be in place around the local convention centre and some hotels.

The Cairns forum will be held in the lead-up to the G20 summit of world leaders in Brisbane in November.

G20 member countries account for 85 per cent of world economic growth, 80 per cent of global trade, and include most of Australia’s major trading and investment partners.