Polls have now closed in the re-run West Australian Senate election, but the final results are expected to be 3-4 weeks away.

Polling booths for the re-run West Australian senate election have closed, but a full result is not expected to be known for some time.

Six senators will be elected from 77 candidates from the coalition, Labor, the Australian Greens, Palmer United Party and a raft of micro parties.

It is the third time WA voters have marched to the polls in just over a year after a state election in March last year and September’s federal election, not including local government elections.

Many candidates expressed concern about voter fatigue that could benefit minor and micro parties.

And while the beleaguered Australian Electoral Commission said the number of early votes submitted in the lead up to polling day was reassuring, Labor has reported a dramatic slump in turnout.

The party said numbers were down 50 per cent in some booths.

During the last election, WA had the lowest voter turnout in the country.

The number of eligible voters in the state has increased by 28,000 since September’s election, bringing the total number to 1.48 million.

A fresh senate election was ordered in WA and an official inquiry launched after the AEC lost 1370 ballot papers during a recount.

The AEC was also criticised this week when 75 votes at an aged care facility were declared invalid due to an unsecured ballot box.

The retirees had to vote yet again.