An itinerant man with a dragon tattoo is a person of interest in the murder of French student Sophie Collombet.

A man with a dragon tattoo is wanted for questioning over the murder of French student Sophie Collombet in a Brisbane park.

The public has been urged not to approach Benjamin James Milward, 25, who is itinerant and known to police.

It’s the biggest breakthrough since a jogger found Ms Collombet’s naked and battered body on the banks of the Brisbane River a week ago.

Police identified Mr Milward through CCTV footage and witnesses, but have not declared him a suspect.

He’s known to frequent the South Bank park, opposite Brisbane’s CBD, where Ms Collombet’s body was discovered.

“He was believed to have been at the scene around the time we believe Sophie was killed,” Detective Inspector Rod Kemp said.

“We ask people if they know this person not to approach him.

“If he’s involved, then clearly he is dangerous.

“Is he a witness? Is he a suspect? Is he a person of interest?

“I don’t know until we locate him.”

Mr Milward is described as 180 centimetres tall, with hazel eyes, short fair hair and a dragon tattoo across the left side of his chest.

An autopsy of Ms Collombet is complete, but police wouldn’t say if she was sexually assaulted.

A search is still under way for a murder weapon, her clothes and distinctive cream and brown bag, which had a computer in it.

The 21-year-old Griffith University business student was on her way home after a night class when she was attacked.

A classmate offered her a ride back to her city accommodation, about 11 kilometres away, but she made a fateful decision to decline the offer and catch the bus.

One of the last pictures police have of Ms Collombet is her getting off the bus in South Bank with her umbrella in hand as it was raining.

She then set off on a short walk home along a riverside boardwalk.

She was murdered in a CCTV black spot.

Her brother, Guillaume Collombet, who lives in France, wrote of his grief on his Facebook page.

“In every corner of the sky, in every drop of water in each iceberg in each lake or river, in each flower, the blue of your eyes will be with us,” he wrote.

The family, who have been described by police as remarkable, aren’t expected to come to Australia to take Ms Collombet’s body home.

Ms Collombet’s university will hold a vigil next Thursday.

She is the fourth international student to be murdered in Brisbane in recent months. Police do not believe there is any link.