A man who committed almost identical stabbing attacks on strangers has learned nothing, Victoria Court of Appeals judges say.

A killer who stabbed a man to death in an ice-fuelled frenzy had at least another year added to his sentence in the Victorian Court of Appeal.

David John Bryan was originally sentenced to six years in jail, with three-and-a-half years non-parole, after stabbing David Tserniak in St Kilda in 2012.

Mr Tserniak’s body was found on a footpath with 12 stab wounds to his chest and torso.

Bryan’s sentence was increased to eight years on Thursday after the Court of Appeal found the trial judge didn’t give enough weight to his previous conviction for a similar stabbing attack.

His non-parole period was extended to four-and-a-half years.

Bryan, 33, was also convicted of stabbing a stranger on the street in Queensland in 2002.

The three Court of Appeal judges said Bryan had learned little from his Queensland conviction.

“His attack upon the innocent stranger who was the victim in the present case was frenzied, and so far as we can tell, totally unprovoked,” the judges said in a joint statement.

“The offending may well have been related to his consumption of ice prior to the commission of the offence, but that cannot be regarded as a mitigating factor.”

The judges said a longer sentence would reinforce how serious Bryan’s crimes were.

Bryan pleaded guilty to manslaughter and said he could not remember the attack.