The Abbott government faces an uphill battle to meet its election pledge to create a million new jobs in light of recent redundancies, the opposition says.

The federal government faces an even greater task to meet its pledge to create a million new jobs with Boeing also cutting jobs, Labor says.

The aerospace company is cutting 300 positions, mainly on fixed-term contracts, by the end of the year.

Opposition employment spokesman Brendan O’Connor said there were job losses after job losses in the manufacturing sector.

He said there had been about 20,000 job losses announced since the Abbott government came to power.

“The government made a commitment that it would create one million jobs in five years,” Mr O’Connor told reporters outside Boeing’s plant in Port Melbourne.

“We now have unemployment at six per cent, the highest for a decade.

“These job cut announcements have yet to take effect and are yet to be counted as part of the unemployment number.”

Mr O’Connor said the Abbott government was losing sight of what was important to Australians.

“We have grave concerns that the government is focused on things that do not matter, such as creating knights and dames rather than creating jobs and looking after this country’s economy.”

The Boeing news on Wednesday came on the same day that BP said it would cut 350 jobs with the closure of its Brisbane refinery and Philip Morris announced 180 jobs would go in Melbourne as it quits cigarette manufacturing in Australia.