A newly discovered brown and white-stripped Queensland spider has been named after environmentalist Terri Irwin.

A turtle, a snail and now a spider have been named after members of the Irwin family.

Terri Irwin now has a namesake – a determined, quick-thinking spider which is said to have similar characteristics to the environmentalist.

The brown and white-stripped arachnid has been named Leichhardteus terriirwinae by the Queensland Museum scientists who recently discovered it in the state’s northeast.

Irwin, wife of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, says she’s delighted.

“The Queensland Museum continues to inspire us all with new species regularly discovered,” she said.

The spider was found in the Mount Aberdeen region by museum researcher Dr Barbara Baehr and senior curator Dr Robert Raven.

Dr Baehr says the fast-moving spider was named after Irwin because “she’s a fast and straight-thinking woman”.

Scientists from the museum have discovered 221 species in the past 12 months, including 104 species of spiders.

In 1997, Mr Irwin discovered a new species of turtle which he named Elseva irwini and in 2009 a snail was named Crikey steveirwini in his honour.