Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has proposed building dams with money raised from asset sales, increased taxes or reduced services.

Assets will have to be sold, taxes raised or services reduced if southeast Queenslanders want their homes protected from floods.

Premier Campbell Newman has ruled out borrowing any more money to fund a new suite of flood-mitigation projects announced on Wednesday.

Up to eight new dams could be built and the wall of the Wivenhoe Dam, upstream of Brisbane, could be raised.

He says if Queenslanders want the projects, they have to choose between the three options.

“If Queenslanders give us the green light, the nod, we will make this happen, but there are some big choices to make because we cannot borrow any more money,” Mr Newman said.

“We can do these things if Queenslanders give us a clear path, and support one of these options.

“We’re having a very open conversation about the fact that Queensland needs billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure.”

If Queensland signs up to asset sales by 2016, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has said it would receive cash payments from the Commonwealth.

“The time frames put up by Mr Hockey would work with the conversation that we’re having with Queenslanders,” the premier said.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the government has been saying for the past two years that asset sales were to pay down debt.

But their tune has changed, he said – the sales will be used to fund election promises.

“They are going around the state promising a range of different things, akin to political bribery,” Mr Pitt said.

“The LNP believes that a magic pudding exists, and for them that’s asset sales.”