Australian-born New Zealand Green MP Russel Norman will be negotiating for the deputy prime minister role if Labour and the Greens form a government.

New Zealand Green Party co-leader Russel Norman wants to be the country’s deputy prime minister if Labour and Greens form government after this year’s election.

Any cabinet formed after the September election should be proportional, and the deputy prime minister role would certainly be on the table, the Brisbane-born politician told TV3’s The Nation on Saturday.

“Obviously it depends on the size of the vote,” he said.

Labour and Greens disagree on deep sea drilling, fracking, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the decriminalisation of cannabis.

But Dr Norman said the Greens have no bottom line in post-election negotiations.

He said the Greens could be part of a government that signed the TPP, but the agreement would have to change substantially before he’d support it.

How much progress the Greens could make on their policy promises would again depend on the strength of the Green vote, Dr Norman said.

Earlier this month Labour MP Shane Jones hit out at Dr Norman: “I’m not going to have an Australian running the New Zealand Green Party, lecturing me about environment and economics in the north.”

But Dr Norman said he didn’t believe Labour was cannibalising the left vote with their tactics.

“Every time Shane Jones talks, people get the message that if you want a genuinely new government … you need a strong Green Party in there because we’re the ones putting up the new ideas.”