A Brisbane house packed with marijuana crops has been raided after police caught a whiff of the drugs while visiting a property next door.

Sharp-nosed police who noticed a strong whiff of cannabis coming from a Brisbane house have busted a major drug operation.

Police say the two-storey home at Stretton was packed to the rafters with marijuana crops.

Officers had noticed the strong smell of cannabis coming from the house, while visiting the property next door.

“A search warrant was executed on the residence, where it was discovered that allegedly, almost the entire two-storey house was being used primarily for hydroponic cannabis production,” police said.

It’s alleged the crop producers were also stealing power from an electricity company.

A 48-year-old man is facing a range of charges including trafficking a dangerous drug, producing dangerous drugs, and stealing electricity.

Two other men, aged 40 and 46, are still being questioned.