Champion V8 Supercars driver Russell Ingall says a driver snapped reading a book while travelling over 100km/h doesn’t deserve to keep his licence.

A driver snapped reading a novel while travelling more than 100km/h on one of Queensland’s busiest highways should lose his licence, champion V8 Supercars driver Russell Ingall says.

The man was spotted reading while behind the wheel on the M1 at Yatala by Gold Coast resident Garo Ashikian on Saturday.

Mr Ashikian, who was a passenger of another car, posted a photograph on social media showing the open book resting on the steering wheel with the caption, “Just saw this guy reading a novel on the M1 yatala at 110kmh, WTF…”.

Mr Ingall said the driver’s shocking disregard for his and other people’s safety should attract a tough penalty.

“You’d have to have something seriously wrong with you to not realise when you’re travelling at 100 kilometres an hour and you’re reading a book that it’s terrible,” he told AAP.

“With these sort of people, they won’t learn.

“You just need a bigger stick. The police now have got a twig. Give them a piece of four-by-two.”

He said harsher punishments were needed to deter motorists from risky behaviour, including texting while driving.

“This guy, he’ll probably get a $250 fine and that’s it. What sort of deterrent is that?

“If they pull his licence for six months, that’s going to make him wake up.”

Queensland Police acting chief superintendent Des Lacy labelled the incident “ridiculous” and encouraged the public to notify authorities of similar bad driving moments.