About 2000 passengers are being re-screened at Brisbane Airport after a passenger took a pair of scissors past a checkpoint.

A pair of scissors in a passenger’s carry-on luggage sparked a major re-screening process at Brisbane Airport.

About 2000 passengers are being checked again after airport authorities became aware of the security breach about 8.30am, a spokeswoman for Brisbane Airport Corporation told AAP.

“We are having to re-screen all passengers in the sterile area as a precaution,” she said.

“We’re not sure why that person wasn’t stopped at the screening point. That will be part of an investigation.”

She said the airport’s multi-layered screening procedures detected the breach.

“We don’t like to have to re-screen people but we will always err on the side of caution.

“Unfortunately, scissors are a restricted item.”

She said airport staff were doing their best to ensure passengers could board their planes as quickly as possible.