Gold Coast woman Jacquie Goldstaiz’s two months spent creating a cake-decorating masterpiece has earned her national recognition.

For an award-winning cake decorator who spends Monday to Friday surrounded by the temptations of her sugary creations, Jacquie Goldstaiz’s palate is a blessing in disguise.

“I never bake for me. I just really love fresh fruit and vegetables,” she said.

“The only time I really taste cake is to make sure it’s the right flavour or it’s not too dry.”

Ms Goldstaiz’s artistic flair earned her the championship title and a $2000 prize at the Australian Cake Decorating Championships in Sydney on Friday.

The Gold Coast woman’s marzipan fruit creation took two months to make.

While the competition version was not edible, Ms Goldstaiz estimates a real cake would take two weeks to create and would weigh about 10 kilograms.

Throughout her five-year career, Ms Goldstaiz has created cakes in the shape of a Louis Vuitton bag, a Native American head and a diving helmet.

But somehow the former florist manages not to overindulge.

“To me, it’s an art,” she said.

“I never look at it as a cake and never look at it as something to eat.”

Her winning confection will return to Queensland to take prime position in her cake-decorating shop.