“Dear attorney-general, I’m resigning. Yours sincerely, Walter Sofronoff”. That’s about all Queensland’s solicitor-general said in his resignation letter.

Queensland’s attorney-general says the state’s solicitor-general did not give any reason for his resignation, just a single line letter saying he was going.

Jarrod Bleijie says he received a letter of resignation from Walter Sofronoff on Tuesday, but the news was only announced on Wednesday as the United Motorcycle Council prepared to lodge a High Court challenge against the government’s anti-bikie laws.

Mr Sofronoff helped write the laws but the government has said his resignation is not linked to the challenge.

Mr Bleijie, however, says the solicitor-general never indicated why he was quitting.

“No he didn’t,” the attorney-general told ABC Radio on Thursday.

Announcer Steve Austin then asked: “You mean he said: `Dear attorney-general, I’m resigning. Yours sincerely, Walter Sofronoff QC’?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Mr Bleijie replied.

Mr Austin then asked if Mr Sofronoff had really just written a single line.

“Yes, indeed,” Mr Bleijie said.

When asked if he thought that type of resignation was rather blunt, Mr Bleijie said: “No”.

“I’ve had many a correspondence with many lawyers, some people are blunt, some people fill in the details and some not, so look, I’m not reading anything into it any more than that.”