Prison workers at a jail near Brisbane have walked off the job for four hours, saying they’ve been denied a pay increase given to others.

About 150 prison workers have walked off the job in Queensland over a pay dispute.

Staff at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, southwest of Brisbane, have stopped work for four hours.

The union United Voice says the workers are insulted that they have missed out on pay rises given to workers at other GEO Group jails around the country.

“Other GEO prisons around the country are receiving pay increases this year up to 3.6 per cent,” union spokesman Michael Clifford has told the ABC.

“These are the only officers in the state, and in this company, who won’t get a pay increase and they’re insulted by that.”

He said the last pay rise the Arthur Gorrie workers got was in January last year, and the next one is not due to take effect for another year.

Artur Gorrie houses about 900 male prisoners.