Queensland’s first case of the bat-borne Hendra virus for the year has led to a horse being put down.

A horse has been put down in the Queensland city of Bundaberg after contracting the Hendra virus.

It’s the first Hendra virus incident in the state this year.

The horse fell ill during the weekend and was put down on Monday.

Late last night, test results confirmed it had the bat-borne virus.

Queensland chief veterinary officer Rick Symons said the site had been quarantined and would remain that way for several more weeks.

Biosecurity Queensland is still deciding what to do about a neighbouring property.

“We understand that it’s one neighbouring property that has, we’re told, seven horses and so we assess the contact of that horse, those horses with the infected horse,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“Then we make an assessment whether we need to test those horses and whether we need to quarantine that property.

“We haven’t got to that stage yet.”

Dr Symons urged horse owners to vaccinate their animals.