Palm Islanders have thrown rocks at police who arrested a man for allegedly smuggling alcohol onto the island, where liquor restrictions apply.

Palm Islanders hurled rocks at police after they nabbed a man accused of trying to smuggle 160 litres of liquor onto the island.

The 22-year-old has been charged with sly-grogging after he allegedly used a dinghy to take liquor to the island, where alcohol restrictions apply.

Officers confronted the man as he neared the shore on Sunday and said they found 132 litres of wine, 16 litres of spirits and two cases of beer in the boat.

People standing nearby threw rocks at the officers and their vehicle but no one was injured, police say.

The island, north of Townsville, is subject to strict alcohol limits under the Liquor Act.

Last year the High Court ruled alcohol management plans in 19 indigenous Queensland communities did not breach national and international racial discrimination laws.

The court said the plans – which restrict the sale and possession of alcohol – are not racially discriminatory because they are “special measures” to protect vulnerable people.

At the time, Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey said the ruling relied on the same excuse used to justify the stolen generations.

Last year, Mr Lacey himself pleaded guilty to sly-grogging.

He was part of a group stopped by police as they sailed towards the island with liquor on board in January 2012. He was fined $100.

The Queensland government is reviewing alcohol management plans in 19 indigenous communities.

Communities have been asked if they want to ditch the plans, however they’ll have to prove to the government that they can maintain public safety and keep school attendance rates up.