Incoming Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman has claimed victory and vowed to ensure the island state is no longer seen as second rate.

Incoming premier Will Hodgman has vowed to give Tasmanians a brighter future with a decisive government.

“We’re not under any illusions of the size of the challenge ahead of us,” he told the tally room in Hobart, after winning 14 of the 25 seats after 16 years in opposition.

“But we’re very confident we can give Tasmania a brighter future and a strong stable majority government that this state needs to unlock the potential of Tasmania, that we are no longer seen as second rate or second best.”

He thanked all those who had voted for the Liberal party – including traditional Labor supporters – and vowed to deliver.

“Make no mistake that Tasmanians tonight have voted for a change in direction and that is what we intend to deliver.

“We will be decisive and we will not adopt a business as usual approach.

“We are ready to govern this state and o give it a sense of purpose, some certainty and some confidence that there is a brighter future for this state.”

He said he had spoken to ousted premier Lara Giddings, and paid tribute to her the job she had done over the past three years.

“I know she has never given anything but her full commitment to the job of being premier of our state,” he said.