St Kilda onballer David Armitage has failed in his tribunal bid to overturn a $2600 fine for reckless umpire contact.

St Kilda midfielder David Armitage is determined not to change how he sets up at centre bounces, despite an unsuccessful visit to the AFL tribunal.

Armitage is $2600 out of pocket after the tribunal upheld his charge for making reckless contact with field umpire Andrew Mitchell.

The Saints onballer could have accepted $1950 with an early plea, but felt the charge was worth fighting.

Armitage set up behind Mitchell at a centre bounce before Bulldogs veteran Matthew Boyd made contact with him.

The Saints argued the contact between Armitage and Mitchell was minimal and only happened after the contact from Boyd.

But AFL counsel Jeff Gleeson SC argued Armitage took a risk by setting up behind Mitchell.

The field umpire runs backwards once he bounces the ball.

The incident happened in the second term of last Wednesday night’s pre-season game against the Western Bulldogs at Simonds Stadium.

“You’ve just got to be aware and I was … If there was a tiny, little bit of contact made, which I didn’t feel there was, I’ll try and avoid that next time,” Armitage told the AFL website.

“I won’t change anything.

“I certainly was confident coming in but that’s the way it goes.

“I hadn’t even been made aware of it until the club came and said there was an incident, and then I looked at the tape and thought, if that’s it then I’m definitely going to fight it.”

It was Armitage’s first offence for reckless umpire contact and also the first tribunal hearing of the year.