A house fire that broke out at a Queensland teenager’s birthday party has killed at least one person.

At least one person has died in a house fire at an 18th birthday party south of Brisbane.

The fire broke out before 5am (AEST) on Saturday at a home in the Logan suburb of Kingston.

Inspector Michael Dowdy of Logan police has told reporters one person has been confirmed dead so far, but has not been identified yet.

“The fire has occurred as a result of an 18th birthday party that’s been taking place here,” he said on Saturday.

“I can’t even confirm ethnicity of the person deceased, or sex – as you’ll appreciate it’s quite a catastrophic death.”

Investigators believe at least two people who were sleeping outside the house woke after the fire broke out and tried to save anyone inside but thick smoke forced them back.

It is not yet known how many people were inside.

“I can tell you that there is definitely one person deceased but whether the numbers go up from there I can’t confirm at this stage,” Insp Dowdy said.

“As you’ll appreciate with an 18th birthday party these days, people come and go all the time.”

It is too early to say how the fire started or whether it will be treated as suspicious, he said.