Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has made an 11th-hour pitch to the Redcliffe electorate to vote for the LNP in Saturday’s by-election.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has made a last-minute appeal to voters in the Redcliffe by-election, as polls point to an easy Labor win.

Nurse Kerri-Anne Dooley’s campaign has been overshadowed by former Liberal National party representative-turned-independent Scott Driscoll, who disgraced himself and the party over his business dealings.

Ms Dooley says she has been thwarted by a dishonest union campaign.

The LNP is expected to suffer a swing of between 12 to 17 per cent, two years after Mr Driscoll enjoyed a 15.5 per cent swing towards him at the last election to get a 10.5 per cent margin.

Mr Newman visited the electorate, northeast of Brisbane, on Friday to rally support.

“It will be such a disappointment for the people of Redcliffe if they miss out on someone who is the finest candidate that I have ever worked with in any campaign in my 12 years of public life. I really mean that,” he said.

“I’ve never seen anybody else work so hard and demonstrate so clearly that they are totally the right choice for a local community.”

Labor candidate and former federal MP Yvette D’Ath isn’t complacent, but is the front runner in the field of nine.

She says the Newman government has treated the electorate poorly.

“It is worse than just neglect. They have actually damaged the community in the decisions they’ve made,” she told AAP.

“It’s not just initially standing by Mr Driscoll – it’s ripping funding, services and jobs out of community.”

Mr Driscoll quit in November after he was found guilty of contempt of parliament and fined $90,000

He is being investigated by police and the Crime and Misconduct Commission.