Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the Electrical Trades Union is harassing locals before this weekend’s Redcliffe by-election.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has told the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) to get out of Redcliffe and stop harassing locals before this weekend’s by-election.

The premier’s frustration boiled over on Thursday when he claimed the union was spreading lies about electricity asset sales.

“It’s time for the ETU to tell the truth, to pack up, stop harassing people,” said Mr Newman, who has repeatedly claimed the Liberal National party is the underdog in the poll.

“The feedback we’re getting is that people are sick and tired of the ETU being in their face and telling their falsehoods.

“Why don’t they pack up and go to the various parts of Queensland they come from? Certainly most of them don’t live in Redcliffe.”

ETU state secretary Peter Simpson says the union is getting good feedback in the electorate.

“We have people in our our campaign-coloured `Not for sale’ shirts on the side of the road with street stalls,” he said.

“If that’s harassment, then I think the LNP is doing a lot worse.

“I suggest the premier’s got a case of sour grapes from what I’m hearing.”