North Queensland MP George Christensen says Toyota, Ford and Holden sucked money out of Australians when they knew they were leaving the country anyway.

A north Queensland federal MP says Toyota, Ford and Holden “don’t give a stuff about Australia” and owe taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Member for Dawson George Christensen says the major car manufacturers sucked cash out of Australians even though they were preparing to leave the country.

“They have been almost a parasitic industry on the taxpayer and when the going has got tough they have cut and run,” he told ABC radio.

He says the three major car makers should be forced to pay back their government subsidies.

“Anything that’s been handed to `em over the last three to five years probably should come back to the taxpayer,” he told ABC radio.

“They won’t because there is no obligation for them to, and quite frankly I don’t think they give a stuff about Australia, that’s why they are leaving.”

Toyota Australia this week announced it would stop making cars in Australia in 2017, shedding about 2500 direct jobs and impacting on thousands more jobs in the auto sector supply chain.

Toyota Australia said there was no single reason for its decision, but factors included the high Australian dollar, costs of manufacturing and low economies of scale.

Its departure signals the impending end of car making in Australia, after recent similar decisions by Ford and Holden.