Queensland parliament will this week pass legislation to impose tough new laws against organisers of out-of-control parties.

Tough new penalties for organisers of out-of-control parties will be introduced to Queensland parliament this week.

The new measures – touted by the Liberal National Party government since a spate of wild parties last year – could see revellers hit with penalties of up to three years in prison or fines of $18,150.

The harshest penalties will apply to violence against police and emergency workers trying to shut down out-of-control parties.

A person who organises a party that spirals out of control, or their parents, or gate crashers could potentially face a year in jail or a $12,100 fine.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey says the laws will target people throwing wild parties for profit without regard for their guests’ safety.

“We’ve seen the impact on the community, we’ve seen the devastation, we’ve seen the terror in our communities in relation to these people who just do not take any responsibility for their actions,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said a party would be considered out of control when at least 12 people were attending and at least three of those were involved in “behaviours that are unacceptable”.

That behaviour includes fighting, damaging property, throwing objects to harm people, disorderly conduct, making unreasonable noise and trespassing, Mr Stewart said.

Once the laws are passed, the legislation will be added to Queensland Police Service’s website.