The CFA is warning residents in the Bendigo suburb of Maiden Gully they are in danger and should shelter indoors.

Residents in the Bendigo suburb of Maiden Gully are being told to shelter indoors as a grassfire threatens the area.

The CFA has issued an emergency warning saying homes in the vicinity of Homer Beacon Road, near Bendigo, are under threat.

The CFA says it is too late to leave and residents should remain indoors.

“You are in danger, act now to protect yourself,” the CFA website says.

About 2600 people area believed to live in the area.

There are currently 23 fire units on site battling the blaze.

“It is quite a populated area,” a CFA spokeswoman said.

An emergency warning has also been issued for a fast-moving, out-of-control bushfire in the Madalya area, in Gippsland.

Residents of Hiawatha, Jack River, Madalya and Staceys Bridge are being told to shelter inside.