New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has arrived in Sydney for a three-day tour that includes meetings with Tony Abbott and his cabinet.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has arrived in Sydney for a three-day visit that includes talks with counterpart Tony Abbott and his cabinet.

Treasurer Joe Hockey and NSW minister John Ajaka met Mr Key at Sydney Airport on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Abbott is in Queensland campaigning before Saturday’s by-election in the seat vacated by former prime minister Kevin Rudd, but will travel to Sydney to meet with Mr Key on Friday morning.

New Zealand’s Labour leader David Cunliffe earlier urged Mr Key to press the Australian government on the treatment of expat New Zealanders.

“Everyone knows Kiwis living, working, and paying taxes in Australia get a raw deal,” he said.

Last month Mr Key said he would like to see an easing of restrictions to benefits such as disability care, welfare and social housing for Kiwis, but he couldn’t force the Australian government to comply.

“We’d like to see more New Zealanders treated fairly and equally in Australia but that’s ultimately an issue for the Australian government,” he said.

After Friday’s discussion with Mr Abbott, Mr Key will meet with several cabinet ministers before attending a trans-Tasman business lunch at a city hotel.

He will end his day at an Australian and New Zealand business reception at Kirribilli House.