Neighbours of allegedly murdered Sydney woman Rachelle Yeo have told the court they heard a female screaming and begging for help on the night she died.

Neighbours heard a woman “begging for help and crying” as they knocked on the door of a Sydney unit where Rachelle Yeo was later found stabbed to death, a court has heard.

A woman has told the Supreme Court – where Paul Darren Mulvihill is on trial for Ms Yeo’s murder – that she was at her North Curl Curl unit block on July 16, 2012, when she heard a female scream.

The resident, from unit 11, said she went to unit four and found a neighbour “bashing on the door”.

She told the court she heard a female voice inside the unit “begging for help and crying, very distressed”.

There was also a male voice that sounded “aggressive, like he wanted us to go away”.

“The male voice was saying to go away and the female voice was begging for help, saying please help me,” she told the court on Thursday.

Mulvihill is accused of killing Ms Yeo after a love affair went sour in 2012.

The pair had worked together at Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceuticals in Brisbane.

The trial has heard Ms Yeo moved to Sydney in 2012 for a job promotion and after Mulvihill’s wife discovered their affair.

Another of Ms Yeo’s neighbours, Hosanna Falatoese, told the court on Thursday she knocked on the door of unit four after hearing female screams.

“I said, ‘Is everything alright, could you open the door?'” she said.

“She said, ‘I can’t open the door, I can’t open the door, he won’t let me,'”

A male voice also said don’t call the police, “everything is OK”, Ms Falatoese added.

Mulvihill’s defence barrister Kate Traill suggested to Ms Falatoese that she never heard the female voice say “he won’t let me” open the door as it was not in her police statement.

Ms Falatoese said police were called while she stayed close to the door.

“The screams became less and less and it just became quiet in the unit,” she said.

It took police 10 minutes to open the door, the court heard.

Ms Yeo’s body was found with two stab wounds to her neck and chest.

Mulvihill’s defence says the 44-year-old did not intend to kill Ms Yeo and it was Ms Yeo who attacked him and he defended himself.

The trial continues.