A relationships counsellor has given evidence in a pre-trial hearing about conversations with accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay and his wife.

A relationships counsellor has revealed details to a Brisbane court about her sessions with accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay and his wife.

The couple’s former counsellor took the witness stand on the second day of a routine preliminary hearing in the Supreme Court in Brisbane before Baden-Clay’s trial in June for the murder of his wife.

Relationships Australia counsellor Carmel Ritchie was called to give evidence after a bid to claim privilege was rejected by a Supreme Court judge last year.

Ms Ritchie said she had a confidential session with Allison Baden-Clay on March 27, 2012, and a session with Gerard on April 16.

She told the court Mrs Baden-Clay, 43, confided a history of depression and that her husband had been having a three-year affair with an employee.

The mother-of-three told the counsellor her husband was honest when confronted and was taking responsibility for the affair.

“I think it was a good mood that she was in,” Ms Ritchie told Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle.

“I think she was pleased to be talking about things that concerned her.”

The counsellor said Baden-Clay told her at the April 16 session his goals for counselling were to get on with life and build a future with his wife.

She persuaded him to spend 15 minutes every second night listening to his wife’s feelings about the affair.

Mrs Baden-Clay said she was “over the moon” that her husband had agreed to attend the session, the counsellor said.

It was the last time she saw them.

Baden-Clay, a former real estate agent, reported his wife missing on April 20, 2012.

Her body was found 10 days later on the banks of a creek in Brisbane’s west.

Baden-Clay, 43, watched proceedings from the dock and wore a dark suit.

He has pleaded not guilty to murder.