A review of SEEK’s job advertisements in 2013 has found the average wage has dropped.

The average annual salary advertised by online jobs site SEEK dropped by more than $3000 in 2013.

The average salary offered to job seekers was $81,055, down from $84,458 in 2012, but higher than the latest average annual wage figure provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics – $74,000.

SEEK HR manager Rebecca Supierz says a drop in wages corresponded with a slowdown in the high paying mining and construction sectors.

Some construction and engineering jobs showed salary decreases of up to 21 per cent.

“These roles are coming off a high salary base and when we look nationally, the best paying jobs were still found in the mining resources and engineering sectors,” Ms Supierz said.

The insurance, superannuation, sports and recreation sectors experienced salary growth of six per cent, SEEK’s review found.

The salaries of advertised healthcare and medical jobs increased by five per cent, and a four per cent rise was recorded across the retail, community services and development sectors.

Industries that experienced no salary changes included IT, financial services and the property sector.

Job seekers had the best chance to earn higher wages in NSW, followed by Victoria, then Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia.