The federal government has sought a review into the efficiency of both the ABC and SBS.

The Abbott government has announced a review into the efficiency of Australia’s two national broadcasters.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has recruited Peter Lewis, a former chief financial officer at Seven West Media, to conduct a study into the ABC and SBS.

“It is a routine responsibility of the minister to ensure that the ABC and SBS use public resources as efficiently as possible,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

The decision follows Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s earlier criticism of the ABC in which he accused it of acting against the national interest and lacking “basic affection for the home team”.

The study will examine costs for the day-to-day operations of programs, products and services and find savings.

The editorial and programming decisions of the broadcasters will be safeguarded from the study which is being undertaken with their full cooperation.

Mr Lewis will report back to the minister in April.