The Queensland government will focus on ensuring young pupils meet minimum national standards for literacy and numeracy.

The Queensland government plans to help every early primary school students reach minimum national standards for literacy and numeracy.

Queensland’s state schools will this year share in $131 million to meet national literacy and numeracy benchmarks, $99 million of which will go to primary schools.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek says there will be an “unabashed focus” on young pupils to ensure students have the basics before they reach high school.

“We have had results in Queensland that we have been making excuses for,” he told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

“We want to have targeted funding that will make sure every student will reach the minimum national standard and if they don’t get to it, we’ll have a plan that makes sure they do.”

The money will mainly be spent on students from prep to year 2, which equates to about $508 extra per student.

High schools will get $30 million and specialist schools the remainder.