A federal government MP pictured skolling beer upside down at an Australia Day party has delivered a tongue-in-cheek jibe at his critics.

A Liberal MP criticised for skolling beer upside down at an Australia Day party says he was drinking responsibly.

Queensland MP Andrew Laming was snapped on social media doing a handstand while drinking a glass of beer at a private party in his electoral seat of Bowman.

Mr Laming faced criticism on Monday from residents concerned the politician was sending the wrong message to young people, News Corp Australia reports.

But the backbencher said he was simply engaging in a “light-hearted” stunt.

“It’s drinking responsibly. No-one’s harmed,” he told Macquarie Radio Network on Monday.

He said he was making himself available to youth in his electorate in attending the party, and denied he was challenged to do the stunt.

“My local community has seen me do it before. If the moment’s right, I will do it.”

He later took to Twitter to deliver a tongue-in-cheek jibe at critics.

“Appreciate the good-hearted commentary everyone. Clearly the science is in. Males can multi-task.”