A doctors’ union says individual contracts being offered by the Qld government are as bad as WorkChoices, but a top doctor says he’ll be signing one.

Individual contracts for Queensland doctors are in the public interest, a top doctor says.

Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) president Christian Rowan says the new contracts are in the best interests of doctors, too.

The government’s push to get doctors onto individual contracts was sparked by the auditor-general’s findings that the old system was seriously flawed.

Dr Rowan says the AMAQ gained a lot of positive changes for doctors during negotiations with the government and he will be signing an individual contract.

“Individual contracts can certainly drive productivity, efficiency, transparency and value for money,” Dr Rowan told AAP.

“I’ll have to meet with my hospital and health service and we’ll go through what I need to do.

“I take my commitment to the public hospital system very seriously.

“I believe the contracts are in my best interests as a well as the system’s interests and my intent is to sign.”

More than 500 doctors on Thursday night voted against the contracts, which they say slash job protections, conditions and doctors’ pay.

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation said some doctors would rather “die in a ditch” than sign contracts that are as bad as Work Choices.

It warns medical officers will shun work opportunities in Queensland’s public hospitals under the new regime.

Federation president Dr Tony Sara said the Newman government would be targeted at the upcoming by-elections in the state seat of Redcliffe, and the federal seat of Griffith.

“It is as serious as it gets. We’ve never seen anything like this in all of Australia,” Dr Sara said.

“Specialist doctors are already saying that if these contracts go through, as it looks like they will, then we’ll start moving to the private sector.”