A former bikie has been sentenced to 12 months in the bikie-only prison north of Brisbane for bashing a Gold Coast lifeguard.

A former Gold Coast bikie gang member has been unfairly punished by Queensland’s anti-bikie laws, his lawyer says.

Liborio Di Vita, 35, was sentenced at Southport Magistrates Court on Thursday to 12 months in prison after pleading guilty to assaulting a council lifeguard at North Burleigh Beach in May last year.

The ex-president of the Black Uhlans Gold Coast chapter will be eligible for parole on May 23 but his lawyer Campbell MacCallum says the treatment that awaits him as a former bikie is not in step with his offence.

Di Vita will be sent to the bikie-only facility at the Woodford prison north of Brisbane, where Mr MacCallum claims he’ll spend most of his sentence in solitary confinement.

“Given the conditions that he will be under as a former motorcycle club member, I don’t think it (jail) will help him at all,” Mr MacCallum told reporters.

“I think it’ll probably make any issues that he has worse given the ridiculous laws that are in place and the ridiculous treatment that those people are subjected to.”

Di Vita claims he flew into a rage after his girlfriend told him she’d been verbally abused by the lifeguard after being told to leave the beach when she walked her dog through the flagged patrol area.

After driving to the beach, Di Vita punched and kicked sand into the face of the lifeguard, who suffered a cut face and bruising.

The ex-bikie swore as his sentence was handed down before slamming a glass door in the court’s dock area.

Mr MacCallum said his client was thinking of appealing over the length of his sentence in light of his guilty plea.

“He wasn’t given the usual benefit for someone who does enter a guilty plea and has shown remorse so we are going to have some discussions about appealing the matter,” he said.