About 300 people have gathered in Gatton, west of Brisbane, to remember mother-daughter pair Noelene and Yvana Bischoff who died unexpectedly in Bali.

Noelene and Yvana Bischoff were always a twosome, in life and in death.

Two hearses waited side-by-side holding the polished pine coffins of the 54-year-old nurse and her 14-year-old daughter outside the Gatton Baptist Church on a torrid Monday afternoon.

Each casket was covered with a colourful bouquet of pink, red, white and yellow gerberas.

As the midday sun beat down Noelene’s heartbroken mother Jean stared stoically at the coffins, lower lip trembling, her sense of loss palpable.

She still doesn’t know what killed her daughter and granddaughter less than a day after they checked into a Bali resort earlier this month.

Their Indonesian death certificates state both had heart attacks, and there has been speculation toxic fish caused them to fall fatally ill, but the investigation continues.

Many of Noelene’s relatives and friends still live in her hometown of Gatton, west of Brisbane, and about 300 gathered there to say their final goodbyes.

Noelene’s cousin and Yvana’s principal Mark Hodges read different stories from family members to the mourners.

“Auntie” Noelene and cousin Yvana were a deeply religious pair, who had a passion for life and animals, especially horses.

“Yvana always called Auntie ‘Mummy’ even ‘Mummy-moo’,” said one statement Mr Hodges read out.

“They loved doing everything together: belly dancing, shopping, church and most recently pony club.

“There was always a bale of hay in the back of the car ready to drop off to Eddy the horse.

“Auntie was so proud of Yvana and I’m so proud to say they were my auntie and cousin, I hope there’s horses and chocolate in heaven.”

Noelene’s Sunshine Coast Hospital colleague Linda King remembers her and Yvana as life-long companions who cherished every day alive.

She says they were always happy and their sudden deaths have reminded her that bad things happen to good people.

“We’re forever surprised, and we are sad, very sad that they are gone from us,” she told mourners.

“Noelene and Yvana enriched each other’s lives and if they had a choice they would’ve wanted to have gone together.

“There was always the two-some.”