Brisbane Roar want to bend the A-League salary cap rules to help them retain star striker Besart Berisha, but the FFA have refused.

Football Federation Australia have refused to bend the A-League salary cap rules for Brisbane who were hoping for special consideration in a bid to hold on to star striker Besart Berisha.

Off-contract at the end of the season, Berisha has already attracted marquee interest from rival clubs Sydney FC and Newcastle, while there is also talk the 28-year-old Albanian international could be headed back to Europe with Italian club Inter Milan rumoured to be circling.

All A-League clubs are allowed two marquee spots to be paid outside the salary cap.

But unable to pay Berisha outside the $2.55 million 2014-15 cap with both those spots filled by German star Thomas Broich as a foreign marquee and Matt McKay as the Australian marquee, the Roar have sought FFA assistance to offer the Albanian attacker a substantial salary increase.

But A-League boss Damien de Bohun has shot down any possibility the FFA would be willing to help.

“The integrity of the salary cap is a fundamental pillar of the A-League’s centralised model and the long term sustainability of the competition and hence is not something FFA will compromise,” de Bohun said in a statement on Friday.

“The salary cap currently has provisions for all clubs to help grow the competition in what is a competitive global environment through marquee players and exemptions and that has been extremely successful in the development and promotion of the A-League

“Brisbane Roar is currently utilising the two marquee spots, as are other clubs, and we applaud their use of the marquee concept but we will not allow any club to operate outside the parameters of the salary cap.”

Berisha is one of the league’s most potent attackers and is the Roar’s top goal-scorer this season with six.