An accused criminal ran naked through a northwest Queensland town after bolting from the dock of a courthouse.

An accused criminal ran through centre of Mt Isa naked when his clothes fell apart moments after he made a mad dash from the local courthouse.

The man, 19, had been wearing a police-issue smock, but it fell off as he escaped from the dock of the court in northwest Queensland just after 10am (AEST) on Thursday.

“We had him in one of those smocks and it came apart, so off he went in his birthday suit and all,” Superintendent Russell Miller told AAP.

The naked escapee shocked locals as he sprinted down the street and then clambered on to the low roofs of some buildings.

Police eventually recaptured the escapee and put him in the back of a police van, still starkers.

He was expected to be clothed at the police station.

The man is facing serious burglary-related charges and had spent the previous two days in police custody.

Further charges are expected to be laid in relation to his escape.